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How To Setup A cPanel Email On iPhone

This article will explain how to set up your WestHost email on your iPhone. 


Step 1: Navigate To The Mail Section In Settings

1. From the Home screen,  Click "Settings" to begin.










2. Next tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Step 2: Add An Account

1. In the Accounts section, tap Add Account.

2. Choose your email account type. For setting up email to work with your WestHost service, choose Other.

3. Select Add Mail Account under the Mail section.

4. Enter your name and email address. Then tap Next

Make sure to enter your information. The iPhone indicates these fields as optional but they are not.

Step 3: Enter the Account Information In the New Account Menu

1.. On the next screen, enter the following information.

User Name: Username
Password: [your password]

Outgoing Mail Server:
User Name: Username
Password: [your password]

Step 4: Save The Information

 1. Tap Save to save the entered information. Your iPhone will then verify your account information.

 2. It will say cannot connect through SSL and if you want to continue anyway Select Yes.
 3. Upon successful completion, you will be taken back to the Mail screen. Your account will now be listed. Attempt to download your e-mail and send yourself a test if you'd like to verify the setup.

If you have any questions feel free to contact WestHost support.

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