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How To Set Up Site Manager Email On Other Mail Clients

If you are using an application other than Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Webmail, the following basic information should help you configure your e-mail.


  • Incoming (POP/IMAP) Mail Server: (replace with your domain)

    By default your e-mail is configured to use POP3 as the incoming mail server, but if you have installed IMAP Server, you will need to choose IMAP as your incoming mail server.

  • Incoming Port: 110 if using POP3, but 143 if using IMAP.


  • Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server: (replace with your domain)

     In some cases, Internet Service providers will require you to use a custom outgoing mail server so that they can monitor and control spam. Simply contact your internet service provider to find out if you need to use a custom outgoing mail server. 

    You may also wish to Install Sendmail on an Alternate Port if you are having problems with your internet service provider's outgoing mail server.

  • Outgoing Port: 25 by default. We recommend using port 2525 as most ISPs block port 25. Follow the link above on how to install and activate an alternative port 2525.

Outgoing Authentication

Other Outgoing Mail Settings: Please ensure that your outgoing mail server is set to authenticate with the same username and password as the incoming mail server.

  • Username (if name-based): (replace with your username and domain)
  • Username (if IP-based): username (replace with your username)
  • Default E-mail Address: (replace with your username and domain)

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may require that you use THEIR Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server instead of the one listed above. If you have problems SENDING mail, this may be the cause.

Finishing the Setup of Your E-mail

Before you start to use your new e-mail account, complete the following steps:

  1. Before you try to send mail from your account, check for new mail in your mailbox. If you try to send mail before you have checked for new mail, an error will come up when you try to send the message.
    This step is only necessary after you have set up your e-mail account for the first time OR if you have changed Internet connections.
  2. Set up your e-mail program to delete e-mail from the server after you have downloaded it to your computer.
    You do not want to leave the e-mail on the mail server because if you do, your e-mail box will overfill on the server and cause your mailbox to work improperly.

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