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How To Set Up Email In Outlook 2016

This article is intended for CHI clients only.

This article will assist you in setting up your email accounts that you have set up within the WestHost CHI account on your PC. This document uses screen shots of setting up an account using Outlook 2016.

First, verify the login details are correct by logging in at The username is your email address. If the password you enter does not work, you will likely need to reset it. Once you are able to log in through your browser, follow the steps below to set up your email in Outlook.

**All pictures are for reference only. The actual layout of your interface may differ from the images below**

STEP 1: Open Outlook

Enter your email address.

Select the Advanced Options and choose “Let me set up my account manually”

1 Outlook Welcome.jpg

STEP 2: Choose The Account Type

You must select IMAP or POP. The type depends on your preference how emails are stored. POP downloads email and stores them on your local computer. IMAP stores the emails on the server and syncs all of your devices.

2 Account Type.jpg

STEP 3: Enter The POP or IMAP Account Settings

Incoming Mail Server Settings:


Port:  993

Encryption Method:  SSL/TLS

Check the box for “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication”

Outgoing Mail Server Settings:


Port:  465

Encryption Method:  SSL/TLS

Check the box for “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication”

Click the “Connect” button.

3 Account Settings.jpg

STEP 4: Password Prompt

You will be prompted for the Username and Password


Username:  Your full email address

Password:  Your email address password

4 Enter Password.jpg

STEP 5: Account Setup Is Complete

5 Setup Complete.jpg

STEP 6: Account Inbox

You will be taken to the email account inbox. Test sending and receiving emails.

6 Inbox.jpg

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