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How To Restore A Compressed Archive From R1Soft Backups

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

If you do not have the R1Soft link, you may need to have the backup service enabled for your account.

For more details on R1Soft Backup Restoration methods, see this article.

Restoring from Compressed Archive

1. If you would like to have a compressed version of your entire website uploaded to your account from a particular restore point, choose the Send to Agent option next to the date and time of the restore.

 2. Select "Next" and then the compression type. The default "Compress tar file with gzip" is usually best.

3. On "Download Filename" choose either a specific name for the compressed file, or let it generate one automatically. Then select "Next."

4. Then click "Send to Agent."

5. The file will now be uploaded to your home directory. Depending on the number of current restore tasks on the server, this may take some time. It is best to leave the window open until it has completed successfully. 

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