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How To Renew A Domain Name

To renew a domain name please log into your designated WestHost Billing Control Panel (, or

Instructions to renew domain registration:

Step 1: Navigate to Domain Management

Step 2: Renew Domain

Step 3: Select the domain name

Step 4: Select the number of years

Step 5: Submit

Step 6: Proceed to pay for the invoice.  

It's IMPORTANT to always remove an expired credit card before adding a new credit card. Proceed to step four if you do not have a card to remove.

Instructions to remove and add a credit card:

Step 1: Go to Client Profile

Step 2: Payment Methods

Step 3: Select the credit card, then click on delete

Step 4: Navigate to Manage Payment Cards.

Step 5: Add Card

Step 6: Add credit card details and click Add Card.

Step 7: Navigate to Billing & Services

Step 8: View Invoices

Step 9: Navigate to the right side of the screen to “Pay Online”

Step 10: Choose to use a Credit Card on file or PayPal account (it will prompt you for your PayPal email address and password).

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