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How To Purchase An SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate verifies the security of your website for your website visitors. It encrypts the data entered on your website as it is transferred to other websites and servers. Without an SSL Certificate, your website visitors may get a warning message as to the lack of security on your website from their browser. If you plan on taking payments or storing any other sensitive information on your website, you will need to consider an SSL Certificate. This article will show you how to purchase an SSL Certificate from your WestHost control panel.

Step 1: Log Into CHI

  1. Navigate to your domain control panel at

  2. Click on the SSL tab, as seen in the thumbnail below.

Step 2: Purchase An SSL Certificate

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button.

      2. Choose a plan for your website.

     3. Enter your domain name and click “Add to Cart”.

     4. Click “Checkout”.

     5. Select your method of payment and follow the instructions to complete your checkout.

If you have any questions about ordering an SSL Certificate, please contact the WestHost billing department by opening a chat or creating a ticket within your CHI account.

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