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How To Optimize Cloud Performance

This document will link to a series of articles on how to best optimize or improve Cloud server performance. While much of this information will require root access, if you are not a Cloud Reseller with full root access, you can contact Support for more information.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive document.

Also, note that there is no silver bullet to resolving performance issues. Most server admins or developers will need to take time to properly test different resolutions for optimum site speed and performance.

Apache / PHP Performance

Much of this section will require a recompile. If you do not have root access to your Cloud, please contact support for more information.

Disabling Excessive Software / Services

cPanel enables a lot of programs by default, but they may be consuming memory that you could put to better use elsewhere.

Tweak Settings

Each server can be tweaked with different limits and quotas to try and improve overall performance.

WHM DNS Resolvers

If you would like to use remote rather than local DNS resolvers, a good option is the Google public DNS resolvers. With a shorter cache time, this may help increase the speed of DNS lookups.

Find it under Main >> Networking Setup >> Resolver Configuration


Remember that there is a wide variety of options when optimizing your Cloud account, these articles are by no means comprehensive.

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