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How To Navigate The Support Tab

This article is for accounts using CHI.

This article will explain how to use the Support Tool of the CHI platform. The Support Tool, available through the CHI interface, allows you to submit tickets to our Technical Support, Billing, Sales, and Abuse departments.  Additionally, it allows you to view previously submitted tickets and reply to active ones.

Submitting a Ticket

To submit a new ticket, click the support tab in your CHI control panel. Once loaded, you will see a form that allows you to select the department, select a priority, enter a subject, and fully describe the issue you require assistance or information on. 

Lastly, there is an attach files button that allows you to include screenshots or other documents that may be needed to troubleshoot the issues. Clicking the Send Ticket button will submit the ticket to the appropriate queue where it will be addressed by our representatives. 

Responding to Tickets

 Tickets that have been sent to you or tickets that you have sent in and are awaiting a reply can be seen on the left-hand side of the support tool under TICKETS. 
 To view whether a ticket is new (awaiting review), open (being worked on), or closed (awaiting client’s reply), simply click on the ticket subject or ID number. When you do, an information page will pull up with all the information relative to this ticket. You can see:
• when the ticket was opened
• the state of the ticket (open, closed, new)
• the reference number (allows support/billing/sales representatives to pull up the ticket during a call or chat session)
• the department 
• the priority 

Searching Tickets

If you need to find an old ticket or are unable to find a certain ticket you’re looking for, you can use the FILTER function on the Support tool. This allows you to filter out other tickets based on Ticket Reference Number or Ticket Subject.

If you have any problems using the support tool, please contact us.

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