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How To Navigate The Shared Hosting Tab

This article is for accounts using CHI.
This article will explain the Overview Tab under the Shared Hosting section of your CHI control panel.
To access your overview tab:

Step 1. Log in to your CHI account at

Step 2. Click on the Shared Hosting button on the bar on the left side of the page, it looks like a server.

Step 3. Under CPANEL ACCOUNTS click your domain.

Step 4. A new page will open showing your cPanel in a frame. Above that frame click the Manage tab.

Under the Overview tab, you have several options.

1.    You can renew your service.
2.    You can see your FTP and SSH details and change your password.
3.    You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting service.
4.    You can add upgrades and other services to your account.

If you are unable to view this page or have questions regarding its functionality, please contact us.

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