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How To Manage WordPress Site URL And WP-admin Redirect

Here are a few things that are simple enough that our Tech Support can usually help or direct you to use when you are doing a WordPress setup or running into some issues with it.

First of all, WordPress has two values in its database, site_url, and home, which is where WordPress will automatically load. Make sure these addresses point to where WordPress is installed to get it to work. If you are moving WordPress or your website, you may need to update this. There are several ways this can be done, just use any of the options at the following link:

Another related issue is an apparent redirect loop for the wp-login screen. This can be caused by several issues. The main causes are 1) the .htaccess file, 2) the redirect_to variable that is set in the URL, and 3) the site_url and home URLs. The following link gives a few examples of how to fix this

You may want to remove the redirect_to portion after wp-login.php, especially if you have changed your site_url.

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