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How To Manage Mail Features In cPanel

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

Email Accounts
 allows you to create e-mail user accounts, define their passwords, and set quotas for each user. You can create and manage email accounts for all your domains that you have set up in cPanel. Each domain will have separate inboxes. If you create, for example, then will be a completely separate inbox.

Webmail in cPanel allows you to access the webmail clients Horde, SquirrelMail, or Roundcube. You can use webmail to read your e-mail directly from the server using a web browser. Changes made to e-mail in a webmail client are immediate on the server. If you delete a message there it is deleted from the entire account and cannot be retrieved by another mail client at a later time.

SpamAssassin is an e-mail filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on their content, matched against known spam blacklists.

Forwarders allow you to send copies of all your messages from one e-mail account to another. You can also send messages from all the accounts on one domain to the corresponding users on another domain. Note that this may not be combined with existing accounts, as this may cause both to work incorrectly.

Auto Responders create an auto e-mail response for any account. This is a great feature for notifying senders that you are away on vacation and they can anticipate delays.

User Level Filtering allows you to manage filters for each user account. Each user's filter is processed AFTER the main account filters.

Account Level Filtering allows you to manage the filters for the main account. There you can also test existing filters.

Import Addresses/Forwarders is a tool that allows you to import accounts or forwarders from an Excel spreadsheet file [.xls] or a comma-separated values sheet [.csv].

MX Entry allows you to change the MX or Mail Exchanger Records for your domain as well as define on which server to deliver the messages.

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