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How To Install MySQL

Run the following commands to install MySQL.

yum install mysql
yum install mysql-devel
yum install mysql-server

To start MySQL up, you then type:

service mysqld start

The config file for MySQL is located at /etc/my.cnf
Some good settings to be aware of are:

datadir = /var/lib/mysql
query_cache_type = 1
query_cache_limit = 128K
query_cache_size = 2M

To review the MySQL monitor type "mysql" at the command line and then type "show status;" to review several stats for your MySQL installation.

To create a database called users type "create database users;"
To check existing databases type "show databases;"
To select a database using 'users' from above type "use users;"

Creating a table with two rows would be accomplished with "create table users(firstname varchar(32), lastname varchar(32));"
If you want to verify that your creation worked, type "show tables;"

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