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How To Install An EV or OV SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a feature that allows your website to transfer information securely over the internet. It is essential if you plan on collecting personal information like credit card information on your website. You can add an SSL to your account by following the steps below. This article will show you how to purchase and install an SSL certificate on your account if you have to host the account and plan on using WestHost nameservers.

Step 1: Purchase an SSL Certificate

  1. Click on the SSL tab in CHI

2. Select the Certificate you want to purchase.

3. Enter your domain name.

4. Finish the checkout process.

Step 2: Configure your SSL Certificate

  1. Click on the SSL tab in CHI.

  2. Click the “configure” button next to the domain for which you just purchased the SSL.

  3. Fill in your hostname in the field and click “proceed.”

  4. Confirm your hostname and click “Yes, please install automatically.”

  5. Verify the certificate details. These details will be used by EV to authenticate your information through a callback.

These details will automatically be pulled in from your account details. If the information is correct, click “proceed.”

Step 3: Allow time for the certificate to validate

  1. After the certificate details have been verified, the account with go through a few validation steps. First, it will validate with Comodo. Second, Comodo will give you a call to verify the details. Then an SSL will be generated. These processes can take 2-5 days to complete, but you can check the status of your certificate at any time from the status screen.

  2. When the validation has been completed, the status page will inform you that your SSL certificate has been successfully installed.


If you run into any issues, please contact our support team.

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