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How To Import Software Using Softaculous

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a software auto installer for cPanel that can install scripts and PHP classes. It is fast, well-designed, and widely used in the Web Hosting industry as it helps install applications with the click of a button.

How Do I Access Softaculous?

You will first need to log in to your cPanel. To gain access to this, either log in directly through or from your browser by typing in

For help on gaining access to your cPanel through CHI, take a look at this Knowledge base article here CHI - How To Access CPanel?

Once you gain access to your cPanel, you will then navigate to the Software section and click on “Softaculous Apps Installer” as detailed in this image here. Keep in mind that your Cpanel layout may look different due to the Cpanel version being used in your account, but it should retain the same method for getting to it.

1 Access Softaculous.jpg


Accessing The Import Feature

Softaculous includes different software solutions. Many of these have an import feature. For this article, I will be using WordPress as an example.

In the top left corner of Softaculous, you will notice a Search tool. Search for the software you need to import. In this scenario, search for WordPress and click the software. Tabs will appear at the top of the Wordpress page for different tools. Select the Import tab.

1 Import Tab.jpg

You will be presented with the Import Software - WordPress page. There are two import options, “From This Server” and “From Remote Server”.

Import From This Server

The import from this server feature is used when importing a WordPress installation that is already set up on your hosting account. Importing a current installation helps to manage the WordPress installation. When imported, you can use Softaculous to access the Wordpress website, make clones, create backups, and help update Wordpress.

  1. Select the domain you want to import the WordPress installation.

  2. Enter the In Directory (If Needed). In most cases, you will leave this field blank. If WordPress is installed in your domain and a subdirectory, you must enter the directory for the installation to be found. e.g. vs

  3. Click the import button

2 Import Software.jpg


Import From Remote Server

The import from a remote server tool is used when importing or migrating a WordPress website from another hosting provider. You will need the hosting account login of your other host. You may need to contact your remote hosting provider to get this information.

  1. Enter the Domain Name. e.g.

  2. Enter the server host. This may be the IP address of your remote hosting provider.

  3. Select the FTP protocol from the drop-down menu. Using SFTP is recommended for security.

  4. Next enter the Username, Password, and Path of the account for your remote hosting provider.

  5. The last step is to enter the Destination and Database Name. You can rename the database in the Advanced Options. The destination is where you want the WordPress imported to your hosting account.

  6. Click the import button

3 Import Remote Software.jpg


You will receive a message letting you know the import is successful!

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