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How To Get Started With Server Manager

The initial configuration of Server Manager requires that certain actions will be done before others.

Follow these steps immediately after the installation of Server Manager to complete the initial configuration of the system:

 to Server Manager

Define service packages 

You will need to define service packages to later add accounts and resellers:
    Select Server Packages >> Add New Service Package
    Step 1: Enter the details of the Service Package -

Resource Set - Each service package is assigned to a specific resource set.

    Step 2: Select the service package type -

Service Package Type - The basic service package is the initial service package that is assigned to accounts.
Add-ons define a specific resource/feature that is added to the basic service package. Define basic service packages first and create the Add-Ons for the service packages later.

    Step 3: Define the resource quotas for the basic service package.
    Step 4: Select the Site Applications available for the basic service package

The Site Applications that you select are made available for the account. The account owner can then choose to install any of these available Site Applications.

You should select the Site Applications checkboxes and set the instance limits for Site Applications that require it.

    Step 5: Select the Add-Ons available for the basic service package -

You can add Add-Ons for a service package at any time by editing it.

Create accounts

Select Accounts >> Add New Accounts.

Fill in all required fields and click Finish.

Define new users. If more than one user will access Server Manager, then define additional users. Each user can have his/her own set of permissions:
    Step 1: Define user roles.

Select User Roles from the main menu

    Step 2: Define users.

Select Users from the main menu

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