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How To Export MIVA Merchant Customers

With MIVA Merchant, you can export customer data to a flat file, or a plain-text file containing set types of data separated by a tab or text character. Flat files allow you to edit the file in any text editor, import it into a spreadsheet, use the data elsewhere, or edit it and import the results back into an eCommerce store.

Export Customer to File

Specify a name for the file where you will export the category information. The default is customers.dat.

You might find it useful to include the date or other details in the file name like custs-october2007.dat. The file will be saved on the server, under Merchant5/s01/export/filename.dat, where s01 indicates your first store. If you have additional stores, the directory will correspond to the store number (s02, s03, etc.).

Select the fields to export.


Specify how each data field in a record will be separated from the next. Tab-delimited flat files are common. You can use any character, a comma, or a vertical line ("pipe") character: |. Be aware that if the specified character appears in a customer record, such as the commas in "Fruits, Flowers, and More", it will be interpreted as a break between one field and the next. Choose a character that is not used in any customer data.

If File Exists
Choose how you want data handled if a file you have specified matches an existing file. Select Append To File to have the newly exported data added on to the end of the existing file. Select Replace File to discard the earlier version and save only the data currently being exported.

When you are satisfied with your selections click Export.

The file containing the exported information will be located in the data directory on your server.

For reference, Miva Files are located in the following locations:


/var/www/html/mm5/  or /var/www/html/Merchant2


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