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How To Disable Excessive Software - Services

One of the big questions with a misbehaving Cloud account is how to increase performance or prevent out-of-memory errors.
Several different factors can tie into the services or software running on your Cloud account. Here are a few options that could help.

Statistics Software

  • Running multiple Statistics programs on your Cloud can consume a LOT of memory. Avoid issues by using only one.
  • Find this in Main >> Server Configuration >> Statistics Software Configuration
  • You can also configure what time Statistics run to avoid it overlapping with a busier point in your day, or conflicting with times when other jobs like backups run on the account.
  • If needed you can manually edit the crontab via SSH with the command "crontab -e"

Service Manager

  • Under Main >> Service Configuration >> Mailserver Configuration you will find a list of services that are active as well as services that are being monitored.
  • Many services are important to run AND monitor to be sure things like your web and e-mail server are online and running. Others should be running, but are not as vital to constantly monitor. You or your admin/developer should be able to get things configured as needed with a little testing.
  • A couple of applications that consume A LOT of memory are Mailman and SpamAssassin. If you don't need those tools, turn them off!

Apache Global Configuration

  •  Found in Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration you can make a lot of little adjustments to Apache settings.

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