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How To Create Addon Domains In cPanel

If you need to create another domain name within your existing cPanel hosting account, you will need to set up what is called an add-on domain. Not all packages allow for multiple domains but check with Support if you have any questions regarding your package limits.

Steps For Creating An Addon Domain

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the Addon Domains icon
  3. Type in the new domain name without the http://www. portion in the "New Domain Name" box
  4. When you go to the next box, the "Username/Directory/Subdomain" name entry will be automatically populated -- but you can change if it you need
  5. You will need to modify the Directory contents if you need to point the domain to a custom location. By default, it will point to public_html/
  6. Click the "Add Domain" button to complete setup

That's it! You can repeat the process for each domain/folder that you would like to associate. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for the domain name to propagate throughout the Internet.

Common Addon Domain Questions

Is your domain name registered with another company?

That's fine!
It is easier for WestHost to also manage your domain registration, but it is not required. You will want to contact your current registrar to verify that the DNS or Domain Name Servers for your domain are pointed to WestHost.

What are my DNS or Domain Name Server settings?

If you need to point your new addon domain name to the correct DNS, you will need to do so with your domain registrar.

that when you make DNS changes it can take 3-24 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.

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