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How To Configure Site Manager Email On iPad

This article is intended for WestHost Site Manager Accounts.

Synchronizing an e-mail account to your iPad copies your e-mail accounts settings, but does not copy your e-mail messages. Whether the messages in your inbox display on both your iPhone and your computer depends on the type of e-mail account you and how it is configured.

1. If this is the first account on your iPad tap Mail. Otherwise, from the Home screen, tap Settings.

2.  On the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. On the Mail screen, under Accounts, tap Add Account.

4. On the Welcome to Mail screen, tap Other.

5. Select Add Mail Account.

6. Under New Account, fill in the correct e-mail account data.

7. Click Next and it should connect. If not, you may need to ensure the settings are correct manually.

If you need to check the settings manually navigate to the Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars page. From there you will select your WestHost e-mail account.

8. Verify that you are connecting with the correct protocol: IMAP or POP.

9. If you can receive but not send out, you may need to update your outgoing port to 2525 [Note that you MUST have a Dedicated IP on your account, and the "Sendmail on Alternate Port" application installed from Site Manager in order to do so].
Please see this article for enabling port 2525. See this article for WestHost 3.0 accounts.
10. You may need to ensure that your user name format is correct for BOTH the incoming and the outgoing mail servers.
The correct format for a shared IP account is whereas the username format for a dedicated IP account is just the username without the portion.

Finishing the Setup of Your E-mail

Before you start to use your new e-mail account, complete the following steps:

  Before you try to send mail from your account, check for new mail in your mailbox. If you try to send mail before you have checked for new mail, an error will come up when you try to send the message.
This step is only necessary after you have set up your e-mail account for the first time OR if you have changed Internet connections

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