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How To Configure DNS

This article is for accounts using CHI. Does this apply to my account?
This article will explain how to use the Domains/DNS portion of the CHI platform.

Step 1: Go To The Domain Section Of CHI

1. Log in to your CHI account at
2. Click on the Domains button on the bar on the left side of the page.

This will bring up a screen that has the available domain names that you can alter.

3. After clicking on the domain, three options will be presented as different tabs at the top of the screen.  

The ‘Overview’ tab is the general tab and is shown by default first. Clicking on the ‘Current Nameservers’ will automatically take you to the ‘DNS’ tab. In like manner, clicking on the ‘Registrant’ option will automatically take you to the ‘WHOIS contacts’ tab. 

Step 2: Change The DNS On The DNS Page

The DNS tab will take you to a location where you can alter the various DNS records for the domain if needed. This includes the name servers as well. 

Towards the bottom of the screen is the option to create brand new DNS records. This is used when a domain requires multiple MX records, or TXT records for authentication purposes. 

Please remember that only domains that are pointed to our name servers will be affected by the changes made in this section. Furthermore, only domains that are registered through WestHost will have access to this panel to manage custom DNS records. If a domain is registered elsewhere, our name servers can still be used and the domain will function properly, however the access to create custom DNS records does not exist. 

If you have a domain registered outside of WestHost, and you require access to manage your DNS records for the domain, then please point your domain to your registrar’s name servers, and point the appropriate DNS records to our servers from your registrar’s control panel.

If you have any problems managing the DNS for any of your domains or services, please feel free to contact us.

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