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How To Comply With PCI eCommerce

To qualify for certain credit card or other payment gateway services, your account may be required to undergo PCI Compliance. This is not a mandate from WestHost but from several default payment gateways across the Internet.

How the PCI compliance process works, is you contract with a PCI Vendor such as Security Metrics ( or TrustWave ( and they scan your site for vulnerabilities. There is a standard and nationally accepted list of vulnerabilities [identified with what are called CVE codes] and we cannot certify that your site is compliant or not without a scan first.

Once that scan is completed,  you'll be able to provide WestHost Tech Support with the report from your PCI Vendor. We can then work with you to help resolve or provide information about any issues with your non-compliance. After that point, your vendor will provide you with the data needed for your PCI Compliance.

that ALL PCI Compliance issues need to be handled via an e-mail or ticket. Phone or Chat support cannot provide any further assistance beyond creating such a ticket.

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