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How To Change The Password In Site Manager

This article will assist all WestHost clients using Site Manager to reset an account password.

Step 1: Log into your Site Manager account.

  1. Navigate to “”.

Replace "yourdomain" with the domain name for the account you are signing into.

      2. Enter your username and password and click “Login”.

Step 2: Navigate To Change Your Password.

      3. From the list of options along the left side of the page, select "Change Password" from below “Account Settings”.

             site manager manage your account menu.png

Step 3: Enter a New Password.

      4. In the “Enter New Password” box, type in your new password.

      5. Retype your password to confirm.

Passwords must be 6-8 characters long, contain both letters and numbers and should not be based on a dictionary word.

      6. Click the “Update” button.

          Your new password will be changed immediately.

site manager new password.png

If you have any trouble resetting your password, please contact us.

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