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How To Backup Your WordPress Site

Before reading this article, please take note that WestHost regularly performs backups of your website. For this reason, storing backups on our server is prohibited. Backup storage on the server uses too many resources. If you choose to keep a backup, please store it on your computer, in cloud storage, or on another website.

There are two main methods for creating backups for your WordPress website: manually using cPanel or through a WordPress plugin. This article will walk through how to back up your site so you can migrate, restore to a previous version, or have an extra copy.

Option 1: How to Perform a Manual Backup

Step 1: Access phpMyAdmin through cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Click on the PHPMyAdmin logo

Step 2: Backup your site in PHPMyAdmin

  1. Click on “Databases”

  1. Click on the database that includes your WordPress data

  2. Click “Export” at the top of the screen

  1. Click the bubble next to “Custom”

  1. Use the following options to export:

    1. Select every table

    2. In the “Output” section, check “Save output to a file” and select “None” for “Compression.”

  2. Scroll down and click “Go”

  3. The data will now be saved to your computer.

Option 2: Use a plugin.

Now for the second option for backing up your website through a WordPress plugin. There are many options for doing this task. Pick a plugin that allows you to export the file and store it on your computer or in cloud storage. Remember, your account may be suspended if you store the backup on your server. If you are using a backup to migrate your website or restore it, you will need outside access to the data.

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