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How To Add SEO To Your StarterSite

At this point, you have activated your StarterSite website as well as published your single-page website on your domain. It is now time to add valuable SEO information to your StarterSite website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps search engines find your website to include it in search engine results. Web users enter identifying information and keywords into search engines to find websites. Search engines like Bing and Google search for websites that qualify as reputable sources of the information being searched out. Adding SEO elements, like meta tags, helps search engines find you. Your website will then appear higher in the search results returned to the user, who will then visit your website.

There are many elements to SEO, including using meta-tags, a feature included in your free StarterSite website. Meta tags exist in your website HTML code to communicate with search engines crawling through them. This article will demonstrate how to add SEO information to your StarterSite website.

Step #1. Log into your WestHost CHI account with your username and password.

Step #2. Click the domain associated with your StarterSite website.

Step #3. Click the link Manage your StarterSite Settings to be taken to the StarterSite customization page.


Step #4. Find the Advanced Settings beneath the social media section. Click Advanced Settings to view SEO options.

Beneath the title SEO Meta Tags, there are three form fields for you to enter SEO information, including:

  • Page Title

  • Keywords

  • Meta Description

Step #5. Type your website title in the first form field. The website title you use will most likely be your brand name. For example, if you own a bookstore called Ellie’s then your website title would be Ellie’s Books.

Step #6. Enter any keywords that identify your website in the Keywords form field. In our earlier example, Ellie’s Books would include the keywords 'new releases' 'hardback books' 'fiction' 'author signings', and 'discount books'.

Step #7. Next, you will enter a short description of your website into the Meta Description form field. For example, Ellie’s Books would enter ‘Local, family-run bookstore specializing in rare or hard-to-find books, discount books, and your favorites in all genres.'

Step #8. The Analytics section is located underneath the SEO Meta Tags section you have just completed. Within the Analytics section, you can enter your Google Analytics tracking ID to track your website visits with Google Analytics.


Once you are finished adding the SEO and Analytics information, simply preview your changes and click the Publish your StarterSite button. You have now completed adding SEO to your StarterSite website.

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