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How To Add And Edit Alert Tabs

To add or edit an alert message:

  • Event Type: Select an event type. All events are detected via internal cron jobs that run once a day and turn on all event detectors. If you are uncertain about the meaning of a certain event then view its subject in the subject field.

  • Language: Select a language for the modified or new message.

  • Recipient Type: Select to whom this message shall be sent.

    • My account: Message(s) shall be sent to your account's e-mail address.

    • An owned account with issue: Message(s) shall be sent to the e-mail address of the account(s) and/or resellers that you administrate.

  • Subject: Subject of alert message. This is also the text that shall appear in the subject field when even is sent via e-mail. Enter the subject for this message.

  • Upload Template: Upload the template that you have prepared. Enter the path of the file or click the browse button and select the file you want to upload.

Click Finish.




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