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How To Add An AutoResponder

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

AutoResponders are used to automatically respond to an email that has been sent to the corresponding email address. AutoResponders are very useful for people who are going away for a long period and wouldn't be able to answer their emails.

An auto-responder can be set up to respond to incoming emails with any message specified by the user. For example, if somebody sent an email to and there was an autoresponder, the sender would immediately get an email back with a customized message letting them know that they were out of town or gone for the holiday weekend. All of your emails will still be waiting for you when you are available to check them.

To add an autoresponder simply click on "AutoResponder" from the main Mail Menu. Click on "Add AutoResponder" at the bottom and customize your message.

Leave the %subject% alone and it will Reply to their subject with your message, or you can customize it to fit your needs. After you fill in all of the information click on "Create/Modify".

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