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How To Access My Account Using SSH

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

Some accounts do not have SSH enabled by default. Please contact Support if you receive an error message requesting that you enable SSH for your service.


If you are using Windows, you will want to download and run PuTTY. You can download it at

If you aren't sure which one you need, the first option is the most common. Select Putty (putty.exe) under "For Windows on Intel x86."

Once downloaded, open it up and type your domain name into the Host Name.
The default port will be 22. You will need to change the port number to 2233, then push Open. 

A Security alert will come up asking you if you trust the host.
Push Yes and this will bring you to a black dos-like window asking for a username.

Put in your cPanel/FTP username that WestHost sent you.
This is not the same password that you use at It will be in your welcome e-mail and it will say "cpanel/ftp" before the username and password.
So in this example, I would type in 'example' for the username, and 'PaSSword' for the password.

Also note that when you put in the password it will not show anything that you are typing, no stars, dots, or anything, just type in the password and hit "enter" when prompted to do so.

You are now connected to your server via SSH.


If you are a Mac user, open up Terminal (Applications-> Utilities -> Terminal)
This will open up a black background dos-like window. Type in the following command without the quotes:

'ssh -p 2233' then press enter. So in my case, I would enter in 'ssh -p 2233'.

This will ask you if you trust the host, type in yes and it will bring you to a command prompt. You are now connected to your server using SSH.


Hopefully, you are more than familiar with connections to the server via SSH, as it can be slightly different depending on your Linux build.
If needed, contact Tech Support for help.

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