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How To Access cPanel

This article is for cPanel Accounts. Determine where your account is with this guide.

There are multiple ways to access cPanel for your account.


You can do so through the account via the cPanel link which opens in a new window or tab.

There may be problems connecting here if your browser has a pop-up blocker enabled. Ensure that is added to your trusted site settings in order to always allow this pop-up. Or disable your pop-up blocker altogether.

When connecting to you will log in with your contact e-mail address and matching password. This password is unique from other passwords that may be associated with your account.

Through your domain

You can also go directly to your domain address. An example would be typed into the address bar of your browser. It will request a username and password for you to connect -- this will be the cPanel/FTP username you saw in the welcome e-mail from WestHost.

Through your IP Address

If your domain is not yet registered or you have not pointed your domain to WestHost yet via DNS [Domain Name Servers] you may need to connect to cPanel via your account IP address and the cPanel server port number. https://IP:2083 or http://IP/cpanel will get you connected there. Similar to the previous step you will need to connect with the cPanel/FTP user name and associated password.

Please note that your password and your cPanel account password are likely to be different -- unless you have specifically set them to the same thing through your >> Change Password(s) tool online.

Through WHM (for Resellers)

Cloud Reseller accounts will not have a "cPanel" option within To access the cPanel for your domain(s), first choose the "WHM" option in From there, navigate to "List Accounts." You will see a list of all cPanel accounts under your Reseller and will be able to log in to each of them via the cP button. You can also access any of those specific cPanel accounts via their domain name or IP address/cpanel.


Upon your first login, you will be met with a cPanel startup page. We strongly recommend completing the Getting Started Wizard.

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