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How Does cPanel Handle Mail

The following outlines how cPanel handles mail on a general cPanel server.

cPanel stores all mail at /home/username/mail/. In that mail folder you will see the following items that are of importance

  • new (this is where new mail is stored for the user)
  • cur (this is where mail is once its been read in a mail client or webmail)
  • .Drafts (this is the drafts folder)
  • .Sent (this is the sent items folder)
  • .Trash (this is the trash folder)
  • Note that if a client creates folders on their account they will be listed here with a leading .

The main cPanel username has an e-mail address by default and its folders are the ones in the /home/username/mail folder.

  • If the client has created a user say “” in the /home/username/mail folder you will see another folder named Inside this folder you will see a list of all the users on this domain, in this instance info. If you navigate into the info folder you will then see the above listed mailboxes. If they have multiple domains there will be multiple folders with each domain name.

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