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How Do I Restore My Account From A Backup

We may be able to immediately restore your account from a backup. This should typically be a last resort, as you should be storing backups of your account before making any changes to your website. This is so that you can restore your website files at any time from a backup. Typically, the only time that you should perform a restore of your account is due to an issue that needs to be addressed immediately and when you do not have a backup available to restore from. In order to do this, please follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Please submit a ticket through your CHI account to confirm that you would like to apply this Emergency Restoration Fee so that we can restore your account from a backup.

  2. There is no guarantee that we will have a backup of your files for more than the past few days, although we can review your account and the backups that are available.

  3. If you require our help to restore specific files, folders or databases, please include the names and locations of the files, folders and/or databases needed by replying to a ticket so we can help you.

  4. If you need us to help restore files, folders or databases from a specific date in the past few days, include the date that you would like to restore your files, folders and/or databases from.

Restoration Fee:

We will need to process an $50 emergency restoration fee before we are able to restore your account from an Emergency Backup so you can have immediate access to your account and secure a backup using FTP.

Available Restoration Points

Our backup servers keep a revolving backup of your account but only keep files from the last few days.

How you can access your backup:

If your backup is available, you can access the backup through your account in the .snapshot/ folder of your home directory using FTP. As this is time sensitive and will only be available for you for up to 24 hours. We will need to know if you need help restoring anything specifically.


We highly suggest keeping backups of your website on your computer so that you can restore them from a local backup at any time.

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