Migration Tips For Popular Web Applications

They say that the move into a new home is second only to divorce in terms of stress. Working with online applications can sometimes be just as demanding. However, WestHost has put together a comprehensive Knowledgebase to help take some of the sting out of this process. Plus, you can always fall back on a 24/7 customer support team.
Here are few helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your hosting platform.
Moving MySQL Databases
The “M” in “LAMP” (or Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is one of the most popular database engines on the web. But, every now and then you need to move it from one platform or plan to another.  We suggest a tool called PHPMyAdmin that offers powerful export abilities.
Filezilla for moving website files
This great, free open-source FTP tool offers a quick, easy way to migrate website files from your Site Manager to a new cPanel account which is shaking up the way users manage websites online.
Migrate PHP Customizations
The “P” in “LAMP”, this friendly, scripting language is used for all sorts of tasks including customizing a WordPress installation to building exciting photo gallery apps. Seek out your local custom php.ini file in your new cPanel account, to complete a migration of PHP code customizations from Site Manager to cPanel.
From AWStats 6.95 to cPanel
AWStats is a popular reporting tool that is available within cPanel. If you need to move large amounts of data from AWStats, you need to access /var/lib/awstats which are present as .txt files. Your target folder will be home/cpaneluser/tmp/awstats
By the way, you probably noticed that cPanel features prominently in most of the migration tips offered above. In the last few years cPanel has emerged as one of the most powerful control panel offerings in the web hosting industry.
Here are four reasons why cPanel is proving popular, especially for hosting and domain resellers.

  • Eliminate legacy hardware and software by switching to cPanel!
  • Increase functionality of your automation platform
  • Reduce customer churn by increasing stability
  • Introduce new features and functionality to your customers