A $50 Introduction: We have a winner!

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the ‘introduce yourself’ post from last week! We randomly drew from the comments added to that post and Barry Nordby was selected as the winner of the $50 Amazon.com gift certificate. Here’s the introduction he posted:

I was first recommended to WestHost seven or eight years ago and referred clients to their hosting. There wasn’t a reseller program then, so I started selling on other hosting services. After the company I was using was sold and the service and quality spiraled to an abysmal level which made for particularly difficult transition. During that time, I noticed WestHost now offered a reseller program. Since the site owners I had referred to WestHost always had good things to say, and since I was alway able to get quick and helpful service I was glad to be able to move to WestHost. Quality and service has and continues to be first rate. I love the easy to install programs. They help get things started, even though I can’t wait to upgrade some of the programs to the very latest release. I’ve been having fun using WordPress as a web site platform at http://www.adesignforlife.com/. Joomla is next!!
Thanks Westhost!