WordPress SEO Plugin Spotlight (Yoast)

This week we will be reviewing the latest WordPress SEO plugin Spotlight on Yoast SEO; one small company leading the SEO marketplace in adaptable and useful plugins that you should be taking advantage of now.
Yoast is a website optimization plugin development company that develops tools for WordPress that has set the standard for SEO plugins. It uses various optimization tools, such as “Flesch Reading Ease Score” and “Content Insights”. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that was launched in response to the shortage of optimization tools for SEO professionals. The benefits from the premium version includes features such as no ads and keyword optimization that put Yoast at the top of the list for SEO tools. Reasons why  the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO has risen above the competition include unique features such as RSS optimization and Content Insights:

  • RSS optimization takes the stress out of outdated webmaster strategies that do not live up to the changing SEO landscape. Scraper sites – or sites that mirror, or scrape, content from other websites – are one of the leading causes of lost revenue and outranked content. The trick that Yoast SEO utilizes through RSS optimization is by redirecting the web scrapper back to the original source. This is an often overlooked but significant problem for a webmaster. Getting outranked by your own original content has been and will continue to be a growing concern in the SEO community. This tool will get your site ranking correctly, and most importantly to your original content. This means that not only do you have the added benefit of RSS, but of knowing that your site is ranking high. There are other perks to this plugin as well. Utilizing multi-site capabilities for the plugin in your WordPress site will fully integrate in your site framework by taking the hassle out of cross functional elements of your site including networking and theme management.


  • Content Insights is a tool pairing the word patterns with your keyword selection, providing the greatest opportunity for your site to rank highly with the content that you deliver. It will tell you how effective your keywords are so you can choose more effective words for your web pages.

Here are some of the other associated WordPress plugins that Yoast has to offer:

  • Video SEO
  • This plugin allows you to have your videos that you post on your site be found through a Google Video search. Simply embed your media, and the video will be easily found through a Google Video Keyword search. This search engine optimization requires the Yoast SEO plugin as well, but for the added benefit of media RSS enhancements across multiple video platforms that your video will appear on including YouTube and Blip it is well worth the price.
  • News SEO
  • This is a plugin that takes the ingenuity and creativity of your original content and optimizes it so that your content will rank high on search engines by utilizing meta news keywords tag with XML News Sitemaps is a perfect pairing. This plugin also has a unique feature in the plugin bundle in that the plugin “pings” Google with new posts on your site. This means that the more you create, the greater chance that your site will rank high.
  • Local SEO


    • This plugin takes advantage of the local community using the tech behind Google Maps to rank your site at the top of the list. It allows Google to rank your business higher than your competition by feeding Google your information first. This means that your business will appear at the top of the list of local businesses giving Google you accurate and updated location (as well as store hours if you choose). Taking advantage of the prospective client market in your local neighborhood has never been easier.

Below are some other types of sites that benefit most from these plugins:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Small Businesses

All of these plugins used collaboratively on any website can lead to a strong impact. They all have unique benefits, whether it’s a small business looking for local clients, or a blogger looking for an audience to engage in meaningful and original content without the worry that you will get lost or outranked.