Debunking 5 Myths About Creating Your Own Website

People often shy away from the idea of creating a website for their blog or small business. We put to rest some of the common myths about creating your own website.

Trying to work with the latest technology can be a hassle at times. As much as technology has improved the world, there’s no denying that it’s also often the source of frustration and stress.
When someone decides it’s time to set up their own personal website – whether it be a blog, small business website or online portfolio – they oftentimes shove the idea away thinking that there’s too much “technical skill” required.
We’re here to explain that in today’s world, that’s simply not the case. With just a little bit of guidance, anyone – and yes, we mean anyone – can create their own website. All it takes is a little time, patience and sometimes a few dollars to get started.
Myth # 1: I’ve heard websites are expensive…
People often assume that setting up and owning their own website will cost an arm and a leg. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In today’s world you can create a website and host it for well under $10 a month. So for the price of a large pizza, you can get your business or personal content online for the the entire world to see.
As your website increases in size it’s likely you’ll need a more powerful web hosting solution. You can upgrade to cloud or dedicated hosting further down the road if you see fit.
Myth #2: Don’t I have to know how to code to create a website?
False. Although understanding how to code can help when creating a website, it’s no longer necessary. Thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal, you can create a blog or website by simply choosing a theme and customizing it to your liking.
The easiest route to creating your own site is by using the WestHost Website Builder. This tool helps you build a website with a simple drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use. You choose the layout, import your images and write the content. Our robust Website Builder builds the actual site (i.e. does all the coding and technical stuff), allowing you to focus on what you want on your website.
Myth #3: Isn’t it hard to make adjustments once my site is built?
Similar to creating your website, it’s actually quite easy to alter your website once it’s all finished. Again, by using a CMS like WordPress you can easily add blog posts, images and new pages to your site. The structure will remain the same.
With our Website Builder you always have access to your site’s design. If you want to modify the layout of your homepage, go ahead and do it at any time! The changes you make will go live once you hit the “submit” button.
Myth #4: Won’t my website be susceptible to hackers?
Cyber security should always be a high concern, but you can rest easy if you have a legitimate web host dedicated to protecting your website. Many website hackings are due to outdated web servers or poorly managed environments.
Here at WestHost we provide you with the most up-to-date software and hardware, keeping your site protected from hackers. We have professionals working around the clock to ensure our clients’ websites are shielded from attacks.
Myth #5: I don’t have time to dedicate several hours a day to a website.
With updates in technology, you can build, manage and promote your website with only a couple of hours a week. In fact, once your website is live you may only spend 20 minutes a week updating content and making minor changes as you deem important.
If you choose the Website Builder route you can build your entire site in as little as an hour. How many adjustments and alterations you make will of course alter this timeframe, but it’s generally a simple and surprisingly fast process to design your site and push it live.
What are you waiting for?
Now that we’ve cleared up some common myths about creating a website, you should have the confidence to take that first step and get yourself online. If you do encounter issues along the way, WestHost offers 24/7/365 technical support. We never stop working to make sure these myths remain debunked.

You’re ready to get your website live. Check out the different web hosting packages from WestHost to get started!