Why SiteLock Is The Answer To Online Security Concerns

Running an online business has never been so fraught with risk. Evolving cybercrime trends are seeing record levels of malware being released, thanks partly to the growing phenomenon of crime-as-a-service. And while IoT-enabled devices continue to bring unprotected gateways into domestic wifi networks, state-level responses like the European Union’s GDPR framework merely complicate the process of trading or storing customer data.
As compliance costs escalate and customers become less trusting towards online businesses, getting things right first time is more vital than ever. A company that betrays its customers with a data breach won’t be forgiven, especially in today’s climate where consumers are reducing voluntary information provision to social media platforms and online retailers. And since most firms suffering a major security breach go out of business within six months, there’s a strong economic argument for elevating a company’s security to the highest level possible.

A site for sore eyes

In today’s suspicious and heavily-regulated online environment, products like SiteLock help restore consumer confidence while simplifying the lives of business owners across America. WestHost offers three packages, ranging from the $1.25 per month Basic to the effectively unlimited Enterprise option. Despite being cloud hosted and instantly available, its impact is more significant than this easy installation process might suggest.
From a customer’s perspective, SiteLock provides many of the reassurances and protections they’ve come to want and need. A proprietary Trust Seal demonstrates that a site is secure, with component verification for SSL certificates also built in. Domain names are verified for consumer peace of mind (and search engine approval), and security alerts flag up potential problems before they get a chance to manifest themselves.
The benefits for site administrators are equally appealing. By eliminating comment spam, new comments are definitely worth reading and responding to. Blocking scrapers from harvesting visible content avoids any worries about contact data being published in black hat marketing lists. And by scanning for SQL injection vulnerabilities or Cross Site Scripting issues, potential exploits are pre-emptively neutered.
Best of all, SiteLock even benefits your website’s overall performance. It caches and compresses static content, optimizing image sizes while minifying CSS/HTML for accelerated loading times. And on top of all this, it monitors traffic statistics for future improvements. As a one-stop solution to many of today’s internet challenges, SiteLock makes a compelling case for itself.