Showdown: Tumblr vs. WordPress

WordPress and Tumblr can both work well for a business site. By looking at the advantages and drawbacks of each platform, you can decide which one is better for your particular business.
In a comparison of WordPress vs. Tumblr, the key differences are in the areas of power and ease of use. Tumblr is a very simple and easy to use blogging platform, but WordPress has a wide selection of plugins and can be customized to achieve a variety of functions.

Ease of Use
Getting started on Tumblr is immediate and easy. There’s no need to install anything extra or apply additional settings. As a result, users who sign up for Tumblr can get started right away and have their blog up and running in no time.
Using WordPress isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s not quite as simple as Tumblr and will take a little more time to get up and running. However, because it is so widely utilized, there are plenty of tutorials and information available to help anyone set up a WordPress site.
If you want to be able to customize your business site with plugins and gadgets, and if you need it to do more than just act as a blogging platform, WordPress is the better option. There are a wide variety of themes available to make your site exactly the way you want it, and WordPress works easily with concepts like adaptive website design and HTML5.
WordPress code is favored by search engines, making it the best choice for SEO purposes. In most cases it is easier to get high page ranking for a WordPress site than any other blogging platform.
Content Type
Tumblr works best for more visual industries such as photography, fashion, and design, and makes it easy to include photos, videos and other visual media. WordPress is the platform of choice for the serious blogger who wants to focus on written content and compose more lengthy posts; however it has a lot of very elegant photography options.
Social Networking
Tumblr has an active community of users who search the site based on their interests. So through tagging posts, it’s often possible to build up a strong readership fairly quickly. It is also easier for the casual reader to subscribe to a Tumblr blog than for someone to sign up for a WordPress site’s RSS feed. In addition, Tumblr offers direct integration with Twitter and Facebook. Although it’s not difficult to use a WordPress plugin to do the same thing, social media integration is just slightly faster and easier with Tumblr.
With a WordPress blog it’s important to use your own domain, but with Tumblr it is considered fine to use a subdomain. However, without the ability to self-host, Tumblr users are dependent on its servers. In general, Tumblr hosting works fine, but if it’s important to you to provide your own hosting, WordPress enables you to do that.
The Bottom Line
To select the right blog platform for your business, consider your goals and objectives for the site, your target audience, and the type of content you’ll be posting. It’s also helpful to keep in mind your own personal preferences, and choose the platform that feels right to you.