Domain Name Disasters

7th March, 2016 by

The internet is a dog-eat-dog world and domain mistakes are no exception. Read on to view our favorite domain uh ohs…

Any new development in the political, business, entertainment and retail industries should be first approached with a new domain. This might seem strange, but there are individuals who troll the internet looking for domain opportunities to sell to the original intended buyer. Some of these can be sold at enormous prices and can lead to domain disasters.

A few of our favorite domain mishaps can be found below:


Since 1992 the domain belonged to a Nicola Tesla fan named Stu Grossman. It took Tesla Motors almost a decade to make suitable arrangements with Mr. Grossman, and finally acquired the domain February 2016. Thanks to aggressive brand protectors, now redirects to the company’s original domain


This domain was mischievously used as a redirect to the Donald Trump presidential campaign. It can be imagined that since Jeb dropped out of the campaign, this early campaign mistake may have cost him more than dollars. Jeb learned first hand the importance of protecting your brand, especially when your brand happens to also be your name.


Disney and Lucas Productions are two major players in the entertainment industry. You might be surprised to hear that the two companies were forced to battle with a British dress shop for the rights to and five other Star Wars related domains. After a long and drawn out court battle, Disney and Lucas were crowned as victors of the domains.  


Remember old MTV? How about Video Jockey Adam Curry? Apparently Curry realized how important the internet would become when he bought All was well until the famous VJ left the company a year later. What came next was a feud that would rival the Hatfields and McCoys. MTV eventually acquired the domain for an undisclosed amount, but we can assume a healthy amount of cash changed hands.  


Animal lovers around the globe were horrified when they discovered that was being used to promote the slogan People Eating Tasty Animals rather than the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The domain had been purchased by Michael Doughney and could be titled the internet’s first real troll. The PETA organization (the real one) finally won the domain in 2001 after a lengthy court battle.

Now that you have been warned about the dangers of a lapse in brand management, it is time to think about the domains that could potentially harm your brand if they end up in the wrong hands. Today is the best day to begin proper brand protection. Register the domains that you feel could be used against you as soon as possible to avoid future mishap that can lead to expensive bills and courtrooms.

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