The Importance of Content for WordPress SEO

One of the most powerful reasons to use a content management system like WordPress is the ability to easily create fresh and unique content. Your website can be an instantaneous publishing platform, allowing you to connect with your current client base as well as new and potential clients.
Fresh content is a vital element to your WordPress SEO strategy. By practicing the discipline of daily or weekly blog writing, you create content that the search engines will quickly index. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Write Regularly
  • We all find time to do the things that are important to us. Just as you wouldn’t skip a meal or a good night’s sleep, you don’t want to ignore this important component of your marketing strategy. Even if writing doesn’t come easy to you, by setting aside time each day, you can quickly improve your writing skills.

  • Choose a Variety of Topics
  • By writing articles that expand the typical scope of your business, you create content that will attract a wider variety of readers. For instance, a bank could write an article about picking the perfect car (and how to finance it), or an HVAC installer could post an article about using indoor plants to improve air quality. Take some time to brainstorm about topics that would be of interest to your customers, and then write about those topics.

  • Include Important Keywords
  • Even though you may be writing about a news story that interested you, or a topic that is only vaguely connected to your industry, be sure to season your writing with keywords related to your company. Linking that keyword back to your main website will help the search engines make the connection between the keyword and your website.

  • Consider a Copywriter or Proofreader
  • You may lack the time or skills to create your own content and proofread it yourself. You might look for a copywriter who can take your topics and write for you. Or you could contract an editor who could polish your rough draft for you. At very least, ask someone else in your company to proofread your post before you publish it. While you want to produce fresh content regularly, you also want to make sure that writing is polished and professional.

  • Go Viral
  • If you write a particularly interesting article, you’ll want to capitalize on it by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites. Recruit some loyal clients who would help share your material with their friends, expanding your audience. By harnessing the influence of your current customers, you capitalize on your ability to recruit new customers.

However you choose to do it, don’t neglect the importance of creating fresh content for your website. The technical barriers have been removed for you by using a Content Management System like WordPress. All you need is to start writing and posting great content.