Launch video services with the .TV domain on professional hosting platforms

Since Westhost not only offers professional hosting services but a straightforward domain registration service, we sometimes like to focus readers’ attention on existing and new domain extensions which may suit their online or offline business.
Since YouTube and video are simultaneously consider two of the biggest marketing drivers on the web today, its worthwhile considering the .TV domain as a possible home for your website, especially if it has a PLAY button!
According to Verisign, operator for .TV domain, online video has become a mass-market phenomenon and .tv is the address for online video and dynamic content on the Web.
“It’s the preferred top-level domain (TLD) for video, film, animation, user-generated content and more. Traditional registrars as well as hosting companies, social networking sites, and other organizations benefit by offering .tv registrations as a new revenue stream.”
The domain, which is offered via the Westhost domain registration service, allows a business to:

  • Tell people to expect online video before they even go to your web site.
  • Provide customers direct navigation to a video-enhanced experience.
  • Create your own multimedia channel on the Web.

There are a number of big-name sites that have leveraged the .TV domain to highlight their multimedia and video services. These include, and
WordPress, for instance, is using the extension to offer video tutorials, sessions from latest WordCamps and interviews with developers and designers.
Meanwhile, offers a free video-blogging platform and video sharing service for an international audience.
“Many companies have invested a lot of time and effort into branding their .com’s or .net’s – a .tv domain name lives in support of these existing websites,” said Verisign.
“Having site users search in different places for video content, some on the blog, some in the product categories, others sprinkled elsewhere, makes for a frustrating experience – an experience that might quickly push them to a competitor. Consolidating all of a websites video under the .tv domain creates an easy, intuitive and organized user experience, which means a happy user experience.”
And, according to Verisign, these are the venues you spend most of your time watching online video:

  • 64% YouTube
  • 14% Facebook
  • 0% Hulu
  • 14% Vimeo
  • 7% Other