Introducing Website SEO Guru

What’s keeping you from making your way to the top of the search engine results? See how our SEO Guru can boost your site above the rest.

It’s no secret that websites near the top of the search results page are going to receive the most traffic, which in turn leads to more sales and conversions. This is exactly why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such an important aspect of your website. Industry experts dedicate time and resources to figuring out how to make their sites rank number one on a Google search results page. But what’s the secret? How do you make your site stand out and land at (or near) that top spot?
Introducing Website SEO Guru
WestHost has just rolled out a new SEO tool that helps clients improve their search engine rankings. The new tool provides you with step-by-step guides as well as full analytical reports that will show you how your site is currently performing from an SEO standpoint. SEO Guru is easy to manage, yet is highly capable of placing your website well above the competition.
Once you have your report, SEO Guru will provide you with solutions in order to improve your rankings. The reports are easy to understand and supply plenty of resources geared towards putting you near the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Once you’ve made the changes you will be able to see how your site improves and which of the solutions are making the largest impact on your site.
Why is SEO so important for your website?
By improving your SEO you make your site more accessible to the world. When a potential visitor types a keyword into their Google search bar, how high up your site will show on their results page depends on your SEO. In today’s internet-driven world, creating an easy path to your website is essential to gaining traffic.
There are about 12 billion Google searches performed every single month. It’s no secret that search engines are almost everyone’s first choice when looking for information online. By using SEO Guru you can ensure that your site is in line with up-to-date search engine techniques, giving your site the advantage it needs to land at number one.

Start using Website SEO Guru today to receive your report and boost your SEO.