Happy International Internet Day!

Today is International Internet Day! We’re celebrating by sharing some sentimental feelings about the internet and also revealing 5 of our favorite websites.
Our beloved internet’s special day is today, October 29. Since 2005 the world has been celebrating this day in honor of the technological advancements that the internet has brought us.
October 29 is the day that the first ever electronic message was transferred from computer to computer via the internet back in 1969. This monumental event sparked a fire that has taken hold and grown beyond all imagination. Today, we can appreciate all that the internet has given to us.
The internet has enhanced the way we do business, banking, long-distance communication and entertainment. For most people, using the internet is a part of everyday life. You communicate through email, you read up on your favorite articles, and you digitally send across those important reports that your boss needs.
But seriously, how could we survive without knowing what everyone we know is doing all the time? And how could we get through our day without reading the latest celebrity gossip, following sports events live and always having Netflix at our fingertips? Or what about shopping through all hours of the night? Honestly, it’s hard to imagine anything else.
Here at WestHost, we love the internet. In fact, it’s what drives our entire company! We decided that we’d share a few of our favorite websites with our followers. If you haven’t already, check these sites out!
GitHub is our favorite git repository hosting service. Keeping it simple, GitHub is sort of like a social network where developers can share their code with others. You can host your open source project on GitHub’s servers and then collaborate with other coding enthusiasts. Receive feedback, work together and learn new coding techniques all in one place.
It’s free to join the GitHub community. Even if you’re just getting started in development, go create a profile today!
We’d be lying if we said we said we didn’t check Twitter several times a day. The social network is great for connecting with your favorite brands, discovering startups, reading new blog posts about web hosting, web development or domain names, and absorbing the latest gossip.
Follow intriguing brands and people and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn. Just be careful, by simply logging onto Twitter you can lose track of time and end up learning about the science of wormholes simply because you clicked on a link about what new movies are coming out.
Twitter is free to join! While you’re on there, give us a follow @WestHost!
As tech geeks we need a viable source for tech news, the latest in startups, and intriguing articles about gadgets, video games and smartphones. TechCrunch is an online tech media property, or in other words a huge blog dedicated to anything technology related. The TechCrunch writers and staff are professional, unbiased and innovative. They know the tech world and want to share the fast-growing industry with everyone. Check out TechCrunch and give them a follow on Twitter!
Utah State Aggies
The WestHost office is located in Providence Utah, right in Utah State Aggie Country. We always support our local university and we love watching USU football and basketball games, and we also sponsor many campus-related events (especially the ones related to tech). On most Fridays you’ll see many of our employees dressed in Aggie apparel, ready to cheer their team on for the weekend.
Utahstateaggies.com is the hub for Aggie athletics. You can find scores for all different sports, read up on the latest news from USU, and even purchase tickets for games. If you aren’t familiar with Utah State, check Utahstateaggies.com out to get informed! #GoAggies
Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website dedicated to both professional developers and developers in the making. Stack Overflow features millions of questions with detailed answers. What makes Stack Overflow stand out from other Q&A sites is the accuracy and depth of answers, while eliminating off-topic conversations. Unlike other open forums, Stack Overflow makes sure each discussion is focused on the actual question.
Another cool feature of Stack Overflow is that you can upload actual code for others to see. If you are working on a project and you’re stuck on a question, you can take it to Stack Overflow and ask for some input! Developers are more than happy to answer your questions, even if they may seem trivial or very simple.
Stack Overflow is free to join. If you have any interest in development, go set up an account today! The Stack Overflow community is always excited to help out beginners.
What are some of your favorite websites? Share with us on Twitter @WestHost or comment below!

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