Best Sites For Learning Coding For Free

When you decide you want to learn how to code, it isn’t always easy to determine which route you want to take, and to find the most cost-effective way to take it. From C# to Java, there are many markup languages and having a knowledge about each one can make a very big difference. Taking the time and effort to learn a new skill is hard, especially when you do not know where to start. Learning to code is a unique skill, and oftentimes not the most affordable. According to, coding is not a skill that you can learn overnight; it has more to do with how passionate you are about your coding career.

Today we will go over three free industry approved resources for learning how to code.



W3Schools is one of the largest free resources for developers in the making. With over eight different markup languages, it provides tutorials, projects and guided lessons for each language, as well as unique color theory and design insight. This means that not only are you learning how to develop code, but also how to design your site from the beginning. One of the most unique features of this site is the inclusive SQL training. Oftentimes the most time intensive languages are the most expensive. offers both SQL and PHP tutorials with an interactive database to query commands. This software is ranked number one for the extensive library of resources for multiple languages and video tutorials.


A particular feature of is the fact that there are tutorials for Ruby. This site also integrates with GitHub which is quite specific to the tutorial platform. The site does require a login and password to access the content, unlike where all of the content is free. Codecademy offers a unique perspective to learning code. When I stumbled across this site several months ago, I was greeted by 4 different courses that I could jump into right away and start coding. This is because the style of learning is competency based, meaning you reach checkpoints and you progress at the pace that you are learning the material. I put this site at number two because the range of content was not 100% free, but the site has much more to offer after upgrading to the pro level.


Kahn Academy has been around for many years, and continues to rank highly for its large knowledge base of resources covering many different skills, including computer programming. What is unique about this site is that while the range of computer programming is not as great as the others in the list, the depth of knowledge that the tutorials provide vastly makes up for it. What I liked about the site is that, again, all of the content is free to use and easy to follow. This is ranked as number three because, compared to the other sites on the list, there isn’t much integration of what you are learning with code to direct tutorials and interactive GUI interfaces to practice CLI. This can be more challenging to a beginner just out.
All three of these sites have unique features, while some have exclusive upgrade options to a greater source of tools. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional Developer looking to update your knowledge base, there are sites on the web for everyone to try. This list will give you a headstart towards learning the skills to make you more adaptable, competitive, and most importantly embrace the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these free resources to better your career, and better your life.