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Category Archives: Technical Support

WestHost Dedicated Server Hosting

With so many companies to choose from how do you know that you are going to get the most out of your dedicated hosting? You may be a new client trying to learn more about dedicated hosting with WestHost. Perhaps you are an existing client looking to upgrade to a dedicated server. You may have […]
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Shared Calendars with Google and/or CalDAV

Many people have asked me how best to share a calendar between colleagues, between friends, husband and wife, offices in different locations, and some other cases where coordinating schedules is useful. One solution that many are turning to is Google Calendar, which is a fantastic solution. It offers many features, including the ability to subscribe […]
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MySQL optimizations: indexes

Many of us use MySQL to power our websites. Using a database is necessary for many common applications like WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB due to the amount of information which they serve. A database backend is a natural choice for a website which becomes more complex as it allows for a more efficient storage and […]
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How to setup a WordPress blog

Getting Started If you are new to blogging then allow me to introduce you. A blog (a contraction of “web log”) is a place where you can share what is happening in your family. You can post news about your business for your customers. Perhaps you wish to keep an online journal of your travels. […]
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Basic Guide to .htaccess

By using a .htaccess file, you can configure certain elements on your site on a per-directory basis. though the file starts with a period, it is not appended to a file name, .htaccess is the file. Some examples of what can be done with a .htaccess file are: Web site redirection (all or just a […]
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AWStats and Multiple Domains

Seasons are changing, there is no doubt. There is no other place that this becomes more evident than in the WestHost Technical Support Department. With the decrease in the temperature outside we have seen an increase in the volume of contacts we see on a weekly basis. I suppose that it is inevitable, when people […]
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