UK2 Group Consolidates Support In-house

Those of you who are familiar with WestHost know that we take great pride in our business model, especially as it relates to the personalized support we provide each of our clients. The service and support we offer is of such importance that we have always maintained the commitment to keeping that in-house. There have been times over the years where using an outsourced agency in another country would have provided some cost savings to our business. However, looking at the long-term affects of managing our support in-house, the benefits by far out weigh the costs.
This same philosophy of providing in-house support is shared by our parent company, UK2 Group. To read the recent press release about UK2’s in-house support, click here. Our experienced WestHost team is excited to assist with this consolidation by providing our in-house support to some of our partner brands. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with new Web hosting clients from around the world!