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Category Archives: Marketing & Advertising

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines

There are many mysteries surrounding how search engine rankings work and what really boosts your Web site’s visibility when it comes to search engine listings, but most industry experts believe that all search engines love Web sites that are updated often. This is why blogs can be so successful at generating lots of Web traffic. […]
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Getting started with Web site optimization

As you might imagine, as a Web hosting company, WestHost receives requests all the time from prospective and existing hosting clients for help on how to market their Web site. Attracting exposure for your Web site comes in a variety of formats. On the most basic level though, traffic in any form can really be […]
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Blog Promotion 101

With over 60 million blogs in the world, attracting readers can be difficult even if you link to other Web sites and blogs. The reason being of course is that there are simply too many blogs and tens of thousands are added and deleted every day. Thankfully, the online world offers a few tools to […]
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Partnership Against Click Fraud

If you’ve used pay-per-click advertising to any extent to help promote your Web site, the chances are very good that you’ve been a victim of click fraud somewhere down the line. The level of which you may have been affected though, is what click fraud agencies such as Click Forensics, and search engines like Yahoo […]
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Getting started with search engine submissions

The number of search engines in the world continually changes from month to month as companies rise, fall and merge with other search engines. This has been the norm since the first search engine Aliweb came on the scene in 1993. Many search engines have come and gone and come again since then leaving in […]
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Break your broken link problem with Xenu

As someone that works extensively in online marketing, and as someone who works as a Web master for a number of sites, I’m always on the prowl for innovative and helpful tools that automate the processes of Web site maintenance and optimization. If you’ve ever had the task of maintaining one or more Web sites, […]
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How you can prepare and capitalize on Web 2.0 (part 2)

Early adopters to Web 2.0 will be richly rewarded as is typical of all those who move before their competitors in new opportunities. Those who wait will most likely be doomed to a lot of head-scratching as they try to catch up to the new leaders. The most difficult part about being an early adopter […]
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What is Web 2.0 really?

Since the advent of the Internet, the English language has gained hundreds of new words and created many new definitions to existing words. Today a person no longer needs an ocean and waves to surf and a browser is no longer someone who aimlessly wanders around a shopping mall. New words and new meanings continue […]
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What’s All the Fuss About Web Site Conversion?

When I sit down with companies to talk about their web site strategy, one of the first questions that I ask is “Why did you originally develop your site?” Often, there’s a moment of uncomfortable silence before someone replies, “because our competitors all had one”, or “our customers kept asking for our web address”, or […]
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A Must Have SEO Tool

The days of meta tags and keyword stuffing as an exclusive means to drive your site to the top of the search results are long gone. Today, webmasters who are serious about attaining respectable search results for competitive keywords have to spend an ample amount of time researching and testing to produce quality results. Fortunately, […]
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