6 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Are your customers just throwing your emails into their trash folder? See you how can effectively turn email marketing into conversions.

Let’s face it, no one wants to open their email inbox in the morning and see 35 new messages from an assortment of companies that they’re not even interested in. Chances are that email your marketing team spent hours building will end up in the trash folder before the recipient even opens it.
However, when done right email marketing campaigns can lead to huge conversions for your website, enticing customers who had long since forgotten your brand to revisit and purchase once more. Think about it: your list of subscribers gives you a direct line to your customers. Through email, you can contact them without them having to search for you online or type in your URL.
But before you go ahead and start filling your clients’ inboxes with every little update your company makes, check out these six ways you can improve your email marketing campaign:

  • Have a purpose for the email. There are many different types of emails you’ll want to send out: newsletters, exclusive offers, lead nurturing…the list goes on. Make sure that each email you send actually has a purpose behind it. If you’re sending a newsletter, keep it as a newsletter! You can’t accomplish everything in one email; narrow each one down so it relays a specific message. Check out these awesome email marketing campaigns for some ideas.
  • Earn your email subscribers. Don’t be one of the pesky spammers we’re forced to deal with every day. Instead, earn your email subscribers by letting them know what kind of information you’ll be sending them. Promise quality content and exclusive offers (or whatever else you might send) and then deliver on that promise.
  • Think about quality, not quantity. Leading on from the previous point, make sure quality is your main concern, not quantity. Many times companies will send out numerous emails a day thinking that eventually one of these emails will turn into leads. This is a sure and fast way to get your email address marked as spam. However on the other hand, if you are consistently coming up with quality content that you want your subscribers to see, don’t be afraid to send emails out frequently.
  • Be concise. Most people don’t cuddle up with a blanket next to the fire to read your emails. Instead, they want to gather the information you’re sending as quickly as possible. Be concise and relay your message in the easiest and clearest way possible. Leave out unimportant information that will only stray away from the main point of the email. Send the message, include a CTA and wait for conversions.
  • Condense your email list. Update your email list to eliminate emails that are no longer engaged. If you have a low deliverability rate (that is, how many emails you send divided by how many are successfully delivered), ISPs may block your email and consider you a “spam trap”. Also, you’re wasting money if you’re sending emails to addresses that are either fake or outdated. Keep your list up to date and condensed to those that are actually reading your emails.
  • Analyze metrics. Pay close attention to conversion rates, bounce rates and CTR (multiple clicks from one email). These metrics can show you how well your emails are actually doing and if you need to make immediate changes. Other metrics such as open rate and subscribe rate are worth noting, but these can sometimes be inaccurate due to people blocking images on their emails (this won’t show as an ‘open’) and also those just not opening emails instead of actually unsubscribing.

Email marketing can be tricky, but when done correctly it can lead to huge conversion rates on your website. Put these six tips into practice, try out some of your own ideas and see how email marketing can boost your business!

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