Can Instagram Work For Your Business?

One of the fastest growing social media platforms is often overlooked when it comes to business. So, is Instagram actually a necessary tool to grow your business?
As the home of #selfies and #dogsofinstagram, the basic idea of Instagram may not initially appeal to you and your business. An app that only allows you to post pictures and short videos accompanied by a caption; it just doesn’t seem like it would work for everyone.
However, times are changing. There are more than 300 million active users on Instagram, and over 77 million of them use the app daily. Many of these users log in to Instagram to connect with friends, celebrities and favorite brands. By using Instagram for business you allow these followers to connect with your business.
Instagram really shines with companies that have innovative products which are visually captivating, and those that take their users to new and exciting places. For example, The North Face and Patagonia both have well over 700,000 followers. Mercedes-Benz has 2.3 million followers and Nike has over 16 million.
With that said, this doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t use Instagram to excel. Take a look at these 5 reasons why Instagram can work for you:

  1. Build a reputation. Your clients, both present and future, want to know that you’re a real company that cares. By posting pictures of your office, projects you’re involved in and your employees working hard, you can showcase your company’s personality. Instagram helps you share your company’s unique story.
  2. Find new connections – utilize the hashtag. Instagram has made it easy for people to find who and what they’re looking for. The hashtag has greatly changed how we find likeminded content on social media, and Instagram may just be the king. Each hashtag is a gateway for someone to find you. By including a few relevant hashtags, more and more people will find your pictures, growing your brand’s reach.
  3. Express creativity. With so many accounts on Instagram, it takes a bit of creativity to make you stand out from the rest. Think about what differentiates you from your competition and display this creativity through the images and videos that you post. Some of the most popular accounts on Instagram aren’t necessarily the ones that have the most interesting product, but rather express the company in a creative way. Warby Parker is a great example of an Instagram success story. How many different pictures can you take of prescription glasses? 1,761 and counting, apparently. With over 175,000 followers, Warby Parker have figured out how to make glasses visually interesting with their creative approach.
  4. Run contests. This is one aspect of Instagram that you do have to be careful with, but when used correctly it can really boost your social media following. You never want to make it seem like you’re spamming your followers, but a fun contest can increase your brand’s reach. For example, ask your followers to post a photo which reminds them of you, using a unique hashtag which mentions your brand, and tagging your account. You can then sift through all of the contest entries and choose a winner. By offering a giveaway to the best entry, you attract a significant number of followers, which could lead to more clients.
  5. Capitalize on the mobile movement. Have you noticed the countless people staring down at their phones in public places? Of course you have. A large portion of these people are scrolling through their Instagram feed, searching for something to catch their eye. Building a presence on Instagram gives you yet another way for you to communicate with your company’s followers, especially when they’re on the go.

If nothing else, Instagram is another free social media platform that you can use to grow your client base. You can even link to your website in your profile, creating another pathway to conversions and boosting your SEO rankings.
Don’t let this effective marketing technique go to waste; create an Instagram account here and start building your brand’s image today!

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