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Author Archives: Sarah Holt

How to Guide: Podcasting from WordPress

Kelly Kirkham serves up a quick-fire guide to podcasting, including equipment, software, and style tips…
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Crash Course in Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing and how do you get it right? About Sarah HoltWeb | More Posts (7)
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E.A.T: The Not-So-Secret Secret To SEO

A leaked internal Google manual has finally shed a little bit of light on the search engine’s SEO policies, reveals Kelly Kirkham…
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1 Million Sold

This week, the world of web addresses hit a milestone. One million of the newly-released web endings, aka gTLDs, have now been sold. Here’s why… About Sarah HoltWeb | More Posts (7)
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March Madness: How To Cheat At Brackets

In Back to the Future 2, bad-guy Biff uses a sports almanac from the future to place sure-thing bets on sporting games in his present. At WestHost, we might not have an almanac, but we do have the next best thing… About Sarah HoltWeb | More Posts (7)
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3 Boosters To WordPress Security

You can’t wrap your website up in cotton wool, but you can protect it in other ways, especially if you use WordPress. Just like your car, your handbag, and your house, your website can be a target for criminals. Make sure the welcome mat isn’t rolled out for them when they come around, by following […]
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Who’s Using Joomla?

Jason Stevens has a nosy-in on who’s using Joomla and discovers it doesn’t take much snooping to get results.  Joomla doesn’t keep secrets when it comes to its users. The content management system declares on its website that it’s used by giants like ebay and Ikea. But now they’ve gone one step further.
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