cPanel Increases Pricing: How Your Hosting Bill May Be Affected

The world’s most popular web hosting control panel, cPanel announced a major change in its pricing structure on June 27, 2019. Immediately after the announcement, the web hosting industry quickly filled with chatter protesting the new changes. Emotions ranged from mild annoyance to outrage, but the end result is the same – cPanel prices are on their way up in the very near future. Here’s how you may be affected… 

What cPanel changed

Since being acquired by venture capitalist tech company, Oakley Capital, cPanel decided to switch from its historically used per-server pricing model to a per-user or per-account pricing structure. Users who have one account on one server will notice a very small price increase. However, if a user owns or resells a server with hundreds or thousands of accounts, their cPanel bill could increase as much as 1000% percent. 
For example, cPanel’s previous pricing covered an entire server for around $45 per month or $425 per year. The license covered all of the user accounts on that server, whether there were one or one hundred, for one moderate fee. cPanel’s new pricing forces each user to pay a monthly subscription fee that only covers one user or account. You can see the new cPanel pricing Account Tiers on the cPanel website
Important: Note that the first three tiers cover cloud usage only. Additionally, the Premier package notes that it covers up to 100 accounts. Any additional account is billed at $0.20 each up to 1000 accounts. Accounts in excess of 1000 accounts will incur an additional fee. 

How will your hosting account be affected?

cPanel’s pricing changes have affected the entire web hosting community. From provider to users, there will be a noticeable effect that ripples in the months ahead, leaving no one unfazed. Unfortunately, the price increase is so drastic that web hosts have no choice other than to pass at least some of the incurred cost onto clients. Exactly how much more you will pay depends on your specific web host.   
WestHost is working hard to attempt to mitigate the price hike as much as we can. However, we are unable to absorb it entirely. We will soon be contacting clients regarding their cPanel hosting accounts and exactly how much they will be affected by these changes. If you have questions about your cPanel accounts, monthly bill, or anything related to your WestHost account, please do not hesitate to contact our expert support teams. They are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have regarding these changes.