A Must Have SEO Tool

The days of meta tags and keyword stuffing as an exclusive means to drive your site to the top of the search results are long gone. Today, webmasters who are serious about attaining respectable search results for competitive keywords have to spend an ample amount of time researching and testing to produce quality results. Fortunately, in the ever increasing competitive environment of ranking well for popular keywords, the online community’s desire to release tools to assist the webmaster has increased as well.

By far one of my favorite webmaster-assisting tools available is the SEO plugin for the Firefox browser. The plugin displays great “at a glance” information appended to the bottom of each of your Google search results. Included in the plugin results are great stats, such as the ranking of the search result, the PageRank of the search result, the age of the domain returned in the search result, and a number of other listings relating to links from outside sources to the domain referenced in the search result.

SEO for Firefox

Using the plugin is easy as well, and requires only a quick download and restart of your browser. You can even customize what information you want the plugin to display, what information you want to automatically display, and what information you prefer to display only on demand.

The plugin is also easily enabled disabled by simply clicking a button in the lower right hand corner of your browser:

SEO for Firefox is enabled: SEO for Firefox enabled

SEO for Firefox is disabled: SEO for Firefox disabled

To read more about the SEO plugin for Firefox, or to download this useful application, visit seobook.com.